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With the continuous increase state support and accelerate the process of global integration, Huaxia medical equipment industry has been rapid development, Huaxia has become the world's third largest medical device market. 850 billion in new health care reform and the establishment of government investment,2009-2011, driven by primary health care system, only basic medical needs of the medical device market has increased by 100 billion, a substantial increase in the future will be.

However, in the past the rapid development of Huaxia's medical device industry two decades, we can say the crisis continued. Excessive extension function is to bring consumers a crisis of confidence, and lead the entire industry credit defect; numerous product homogeneity, bringing the enterprises lack competitiveness and market competition disorder; lack of technical content of products, research and development fatigue, subsequent products can not keep up, brought many enterprises lack vitality; single marketing mode of operation, like one leg, bringing the enterprise development is limited, and traditional marketing and clinical conflicts ......

Jiangsu Huaxia Medical Devices Co., Ltd. from its inception, the Board has decided to adopt channel marketing firm road, Huaxia resolutely company as a manufacturer, never engaged in terminal sales. Chinese companies and Chinese companies to this principle written into the Basic Law. Huaxia companies only develop provincial general agent, an agent, regional agent, or a distributor, such as a Crown agent or distributor.Huaxia company never sold directly to the hospital. If you want the goods to end customers.
Jiangsu Huaxia Medical Devices Co., Ltd., Huaxia will take from two policies:

One, presented;

Second, contact your nearest dealer for business processing.

Jiangsu Huaxia Medical Devices Co., Ltd., Jiangsu China will strictly from the regional market management, changing products strictly prohibited conduct, strictly protect the interests of agents! Strict protection, ensure that the interests of the first agents! To this end, Jiangsu Huaxia Medical Devices Co., Ltd. will at all costs from!