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Customer Care

Customer care center, consisting of more than 20 professionals, with a strong customer-centric support team, as the company's customer-facing window, the customer care center has been put customer satisfaction first place every day with their expertise and enthusiasm to provide quality and efficient services.

In the third-party customer satisfaction surveys, customer satisfaction has been our leading position in the industry. Client-focused, innovative ideas, has been recognized by the dual authority and customers. Customer Care Center will remain committed to giving customers the most intimate care, is committed to creating the best customer care center Chinese regions, the industry benchmark.
Customer Care Center Hotline:400-005-0899 0514-87482818

Our service hours are: Monday to Friday 8:00-18:00 Saturday 9:00-17:00

Technical Support
Huaxia Medical Instrument Technical Support provides a full range of products, including product selection and replacement, troubleshooting, simple application problems and installation issues, and to provide a common technical questions (FAQ) answer.

Orders and business support
Provides order processing support, and logistics available to all customers and business information consultation, including price, inventory, delivery, invoice queries, etc., and processing returns, as well as providing e-commerce support for the Chinese medical device contract customers.

After sales service
50 cities throughout China professional and technical team will provide timely and 7 × 24-hour service, well-trained and experienced senior service industry experts will provide you with the most professional service programs and the implementation of the most efficient on-site treatment.

Complaints and suggestions
China always attaches importance to customer complaints, medical devices, ad hoc team of professionals specializing in customer complaints, the whole record tracking complaints handling process to ensure that every customer complaints to be solved.